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Driving with the Brakes On

BuyNow From AmazonBill’s  first book Driving with the Brakes On is about understanding the abilities we have as spirits and how they have been obscured or forgotten. It invites readers to begin (or continue) their own spiritual quest and to explore and expand their own consciousness by reaching into new areas of possibility.
Driving With the Brakes On also describes how we are often intentionally steered off our paths into other directions by mechanisms in our current society and how we unwittingly contribute to this. In many cases, we have gone far off our paths and become trapped by simply not being aware of how we created this outcome. He shows how to be conscious of and avoid these pitfalls as we move through life and how to reorient ourselves into living as we intended and stop “driving with the brakes on.”

In addition this book covers the following:

  • Ways to increase love and appreciation of yourself and trust in your abilities
  • How to see and get rid of negative energy
  • Ways to cultivate and strengthen appreciation and love for others, (even people you might not like).
  • How to steer yourself back onto a path you choose
  • The reasons why these methods work
  • Examples from the author’s own personal mistakes, transitions, and changes
  • Other resources to expand your journey and consciousness

When you are driving, by looking far, far down the road you are able to make fewer and smoother corrections. Driving With the Brakes On shows you how to do this in your life.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message through the Contact Me page.


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