High Mesa Renewables, LLC founders have a deep-rooted history developing working relationships with rural land owners. Our partners were raised to respect the legacy of their ancestors and understand the importance of being good stewards of the land and community.

With over $100 million in committed funds we are available to support wind contract owners with immediate cash. Our unique funding process allows you, the wind contract owner, the ability to retain full control of all decisions regarding your land along with additional future royalty payments while receiving a lump sum cash payment.

We are committed to providing our land owners with the highest level of service and take pride in improving lives for generations. Our goal is to help maximize the value of your wind assets and provide cash in hand so you have the freedom to diversify, reinvest, pay down debt and use the cash as you see fit.



High Mesa Renewables offers our wind energy contract owners a simple tansparent process:

• Initial Quote
• Request a Written Offer
• Information Exchange
     (contract terms, remaining life, payment history)
• Formal Offer/Agreement
• Funding

Please contact our High Mesa Renewables team here for your free, no obligation customized cash quote.

High Mesa Renewables Guarantee: You will be treated with honesty and integrity throughout our transparent process.



An immediate cash payment from High Mesa Renewables allows wind energy contract owners the ability to minimize the common contractual risks associated with wind energy agreements including:

• Termination by Operator
• Mechanical Failure
• Fire/Natural Disasters
• Wind Energy Operator Bankruptcy
• Market Changes



High Mesa Renewables offers a substantial cash payment giving the wind energy contract owner the flexibility to use these funds to:

• Reduce Contractual Risks
• Retirement/Life Transitions
• Healthcare Expense Assistance
• Reinvest in Your Business
• Diversify Your Investments
• Emergency Funds
• Pay Down Debt
• Generational Wealth/Estate Planning
• Tax Savings
• Improve Liquidity
• College Funding
• Maximimize Value of Your Wind Energy Contract
• Fund New Equipment for Your Ranch/Farm
• Fund Operations for Your Ranch/Farm